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Easton Miller

Gaslighter Rose - 750 ml

Gaslighter Rose - 750 ml

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Gaslighter Ros茅 of Pinot Noir is elegant, light and beautifully dry. Made primarily of Pinot Noir grown in the Sonoma Coast Ava, the wine offers fresh aromas and flavors of wild red cherry, lime and lively acidity. To help maintain a lighter style, the winemaker uses a whole cluster direct-to-press method to produce this wine. The wine is then fermented cold in 100% stainless-steel tanks to preserve fruity aromatics. These techniques result in a very light, French-style ros? wine that stands out as a premium rose for those who think and drink for themselves. Enjoy on its own or pairs easily with an array of appetizers, seasonal salads, poached salmon or other light entrees. Tangy red fruit flavors and good acidity make this wine bright and lively.

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